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Highlight Areas of Special Interest


Wow Your Guests!


With Innovative Lighting!


Pattern Lighting

Flood Ceiling, Walls, & Floor with Gorgeous Patterns


Colors to Match Any Decor.


Innovative Lighting Solutions


Cincinnati's Finest Lighting Company


Cafe Lights


Custom Monograms


You Are Only Limited by Your Dreams


Create a Magical Atmosphere

The Transforming Power of Light

Professional lighting transforms ordinary event spaces into extraordinary ones. From soft and romantic, to vibrant and lively, our lighting division, Innovative Lighting, creates a lighting design that reflects your style.

You will be amazed by the options. Uplighting of every color, Pin Spot Lighting to highlight special areas, custom Monogram Lighting, Pattern Lighting and more.

The best place to start is by watching the slide show above. Which lighting designs do you like best? Remember, we can customize the design to fit you. The sky is the limit!

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