• Do we carry only high-quality, legally purchased music?

    Yes, Queen City Dj’s legally purchases all songs to assure only the best quality in your music selection.

  • Do we stay updated with new releases?

    Yes, we subscribe to a professional DJ music service that provides new releases weekly, ensuring our library is always current. If there is a song we do not have in our library, let us know and we can purchase that song for you.

  • Does our music collection cover a wide variety of genres intended for all age groups and musical tastes?

    Yes, we guarantee we have one of the largest music collections around. We have something for everyone, and access to everything else.

  • What if there are songs you do not want played?

    If there is any music you do not want played during your event, please contact us with a list and we will take the upmost care to make sure those songs are not played..


  • The Value of a DJ.

    I had a client meeting this past week and I was asked a question that's been asked time and time again. "Why are your rates higher than other quotes we've received?" The question is valid and is often debated on professional DJ forums and blogs all the time. When a potential client asks me this question, what I really hear is "How do you justify your value?" This post is an attempt to display our worth and value as a DJ in Cincinnati and why you should be aware of the value of a professional DJ.

    What Is The Standard?
    When you start interviewing DJ's, you quickly find out that every DJ and DJ Company is different. Prices are all over the place and packages are all different as well. Unfortunately, there is no 'standard' when it comes to DJ packages and pricing, making it very difficult to choose the DJ that is the right fit for you. So how do you know which DJ to choose? It makes sense to book the cheaper DJ since all they're doing is playing music, right? This is where many brides make a huge mistake. EXCEPT... they don't find out until after their event has come and gone, to never get that day back again.

    What Makes You Different?
    So, what is it that makes every DJ different? Here are a few points that make every DJ different from another, because not every DJ has the same offerings or skill set. As a client, some may matter to you more than others, which may also justify a DJ's 'worth' to you, but may also justify a DJ's 'worth' to themselves (which should be reflected in their pricing scheme).

    • Experience - A DJ should charge more for their invested DJ time and invaluable learning experiences. It only makes sense that with more practice and events under your belt, the better and more valuable you become.
    • Skill set - Not all DJ's are created equal. Some have club experience, some only practice in their bedroom once a week, and others only know how to work an iPod. Does your DJ beat match? Do they have public speaking skills? What about organization and running your event smoothly? What skills does your DJ bring to the table?
    • Equipment - Although many clients are not versed in DJ equipment and may not know what is good or bad, there are a few things that are important when it comes to DJ gear.
    - First and foremost, does your DJ include back-up equipment? If they are a digital DJ, is there a plan in place if the laptop or any digital players malfunction?
    - Do they invest in professional grade gear? Or, do they buy their speakers and equipment from Costco? If you get a chance, go listen to your DJ in a live setting and hear for yourself if they invest in quality speakers, microphones, and lighting. You can tell the difference between lighting in a high end nightclub and something you would find in the party aisle at Wal-Mart.
    • DJ 'Fitness' - Usually one conversation is all it will take for you to know whether your DJ is a good fit for you. Do they have a personality that matches your ideal emcee? Do they have the look you are after? Do they present themselves in a professional manner? Are they serious about the time and investment in your event, or is this just another 'gig' for them? Your gut feeling is usually right when it comes to answering these questions, making the DJ interviewing process extremely important.

    What is Your "Value?"
    How does Queen City DJ's justify our value to a client?

    It's really simple. It all starts with our first impression and continues during our consultation process. Most people find us either through the web or from a referral.

    Web Presentation
    Our presentation on our website is extremely important. Within the first 10 seconds of landing on our site, I want to either set the bar for your standard of a wedding DJ, or if we are not the first site your see, I want the bar to be raised and taken to another level. With Queen City DJ's, what you see is what you get. We place pictures of our DJ's, equipment, and many of our events on our site. Every single picture on our website came from one of our actual events. There is NO stock footage or photos, making Queen City DJ's unique to our market when it comes to displaying our DJ Company.

    The referral process is also key to Queen City DJ's. You will notice that we leave our Facebook page open for others to post reviews, pictures, etc. about our events and performance. We also put actual testimonials and reviews on our website. Any company can write html text about themselves. We want you to authentically view and hear what others have to say about Queen City DJ's. We believe the "proof is in the pudding."

    Time and Investment
    Here's a quick list of the value Queen City DJ's brings to your event.
    • DJ's with over 18 years’ experience each - hundreds of events under each of our belts
    • Club Experience - we feel this is a big advantage in the mobile DJ scene in Cincinnati.
    • Professional grade equipment - We have put a lot of time and money into our gear. From quality JBL, Pioneer, and Rain sound, to club-end lighting and the latest in LED uplighting.
    • Decor - Did we just say decor? YES! We provide uplighting, monograms, and other lighting effects to enhance and add to the decor of your event space.
    • Planning - We essentially act as your planners for that day. We provide you with tools for planning, creating playlists, and for event management.
    • Worry Free Wedding Day - Our DJ's are very versatile. We never come into an event with our own personal agenda. We pride ourselves on working cohesively with other vendors, coordinators, and planners to make sure your event runs as smooth as possible.
    • Options - We do events of all sizes. We can provide sound and lighting for shows up to around 1200 people.
    • Networking - Queen City DJ's networks with some of the top wedding professional around the country!
    • Stylish mixed with Quality - We are constantly striving to push barriers in the Cincinnati and tri-state area wedding scene, with quality DJ's combined with quality performance and vibe. We bring a young, energetic, contemporary flavor to your event blended with your vision to create an extraordinary show for all your guests.
    • We play to your crowd - We pride ourselves in reading your guests, feeling the vibe and playing to their tastes. Ask anyone that has been to a Queen City DJ's event, and you will hear a common theme... that everyone had a great time and were dancing all night. Although every crowd is different, we have the experience to know what will make your crowd go.

    The Cost of a DJ in Cincinnati
    The cost of a DJ in Cincinnati is determined by many factors. If you search long enough, you will find you can hire a DJ for as little as $200 (or less) and as much as $2000+ for a 4 hour event. So, what should you expect to pay for a quality, professional DJ in Cincinnati?
    According to, an average Professional Wedding DJ in Cincinnati costs between $695 - $2000+.

    Value Your Event
    When searching for your DJ, budget is always of concern and should be taken into account when planning your event. But, don't forget about value, which is the real question to ask yourself. What parts of your event are of most value? And where should you invest, when it comes to your big day? I suggest you invest into your guests having a great time at your reception, enjoy your day worry-free, and know that everything is in good hands and with confidence will turn out amazing. Most professional DJ's know the value of this, know the value they bring to the table, and reflect this value in the final price quote.

  • What determines our rates?

    Our services and rates do not fall under a "one size fits all" category. We take many factors into consideration when determining your unique rate. This includes, but is not limited to:

    Event date: High-season and low-season dates will have an effect on the preliminary price.

    Length: The number of hours you need our services, excluding travel, setup, and break-down.
    Anticipated number of guests: The approximate number of guests will be needed to determine the specific sound system setup.


  • Can we provide reviews from former clients to you as references?

    Yes, please take a look at our testimonials page to see all of our reviews from past clients for every type of event.

  • Can you meet with the DJ who will be providing the entertainment for your event before you decide to book our services?

    Yes, we believe it is of the utmost importance for you to know that you've made the right choice by contracting Queen City DJ's. All of our expert DJs would be pleased to meet with you at your convenience.

  • Do we guarantee in writing that the DJ you book will be the same DJ at your wedding?

    Yes, we give you the the final say as to which member of our staff you feel most comfortable entertaining your guests.

  • Do we offer specialty lighting services for events?

    Yes, please visit for further information on how specialty lighting can enhance your event.

  • How interactive are our DJs?

    Our DJs will be as interactive as you intend them to be. From our experience, we have found a comfortable balance between crowd interaction and professionalism. All of our DJs are perceptive of the crowd‘s wants and needs and will utilize that expertise during your event to make sure everyone is having a great time.

  • In order to give you an accurate quote we need to know:

    Date of your event
    Name and location of venue
    Length of event
    Approximate number of guests

    Also, be sure to let us know any unique circumstances surrounding your event. For instance, this might include a second sound system if you have multiple locations.

  • Will we provide a booking contract and detailed planning form for every event?

    Yes, we understand every detail must be accounted for to make this process easy and efficient. Contracts are key and all the specifications pertaining to your event will be outlined in these documents.


  • Do we provide clients with a copy of our DJ Liability Insurance?

    Yes, most vendors require DJ Liability Insurance and we make sure our clients are fully informed of all potential liabilities pertaining to our equipment and the venue’s property.

  • What happens in the case of equipment failure?

    We provide a complete back-up system at your event site in the case that any of our equipment fails. This ensures that absolutely nothing can stop your event from being exactly what you envisioned.